Three Graces of the Twenties: Gerda Wegener’s Captivating Art Nouveau Poster


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Adorn your space with Gerda Wegener’s Fine Art Prints, embracing Art Nouveau finesse and the transformative journey of gender identity in museum-quality elegance

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Gerda Wegener, a notable Danish artist of the 20th century, significantly influenced the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements. Her art captures the essence of the 1920s with vibrant colors, bold figures, and elegant designs. Wegener’s work is intimately linked to her partner, Einar Wegener, later Lili Elbe, one of the first to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Her depictions of Lili explore gender identity and sexual expression, aligning her with early gender equality advocacy and resonating with today’s LGBTQ+ community. Wegener’s art, a blend of vintage Danish style and modern themes, connects past and present discussions about transgender experiences.

Our Fine Art Prints collection celebrates the unique and captivating talent of Gerda Wegener, showcasing a range of her most iconic works that reflect the vibrancy and elegance of her style. Each print includes a white border with the title, artist, and date, enhancing its framing potential and value retention, ideal for use with a passe-partout (mat board). Available in three sizes, these prints are ready for framing, enhancing any decor. We recommend IKEA frames for their value and availability.

Owning a Gerda Wegener print is not just acquiring art, it’s embracing a legacy that inspires and transforms. Ideal as a captivating centerpiece for your home or a thoughtful housewarming gift, each print is a celebration of vintage Danish art and a tribute to the journey of gender identity exploration.

  • premium museum-quality print
  • paper weight: 200 gsm / 80 lb
  • every print ships ready to frame

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