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Last updated: April 1, 2024

Welcome to SmellyNoises!

Here’s the deal when you use our website https://www.smellynoises.com and any services we offer. By sticking around, you’re saying you’re okay with these rules.

Who We Are:

We’re SmellyNoises, located in Donnerskirchen, Austria. VAT number: ATU43218004. Reach us at +436507601203 or info@smellynoises.com.

Using Our Services:

If you use our site, you’re agreeing to our terms. Don’t use our site if these terms don’t work for you. We can change these terms when needed, so check back often.

Who Can Use SmellyNoises:

If you’re under 18, our site isn’t for you. Sorry, kids!

Our Stuff:

We own everything on our site unless stated otherwise—pictures, text, and all that jazz. Use it for yourself, but don’t make money off it without our okay.

Buying from Us:

We’ve got cool stuff for sale. We’ll be straight up about prices and product details, but sometimes mistakes happen.


We take major credit cards and PayPal. Keep your payment info updated. We’ll charge tax if we have to, and we can change prices anytime.

Returns & Refunds:

Changed your mind? We get it. Check our Return Policy for the details.


Here’s a quick rundown of what not to do on our site: Don’t hack us, don’t steal our content, don’t spam, and don’t be a bully.

Your Content:

If you post something on our site, it’s like giving us a high-five to use it. Be sure it’s your own stuff, or you have permission to share it.

Stuff You Should Know:

  • We’re not in the business of selling your details.
  • Our site might link to other places. We don’t control those other sites.
  • Sometimes things break. If our site is down, we’re on it, but we’re not liable for any inconveniences.
  • Our site follows Austrian law. If you’ve got a beef with us, we’ll try to work it out like adults before heading to court.
  • If we mess up the site info, we’ll fix it, but we’re not liable for any misunderstandings.

Follow the law when you’re hanging with us.


Got questions, comments, or need to serve us legal papers? Here’s where we’re at:


Industriegelände 1, Bürogebäude OG 1

A-7082 Donnerskirchen

Tel: +436507601203

E-mail: info@smellynoises.com

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