Francois-Louis Schmied: Princess Boudour


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Elevate your space with the unparalleled elegance of Art Deco masterpieces by Francois-Louis Schmied. Our curated collection offers a selection of his captivating prints and antique illustrations, including the exceptional “Histoire de la princesse Boudour” from 1922. This narrative, illustrating a princess’s amorous adventure with a prince, showcases some of Francois-Louis Schmied’s finest images – each piece a testament to the sophisticated allure of Art Deco design. Our ready-to-print posters, available in various sizes and ratios, promise a seamless integration into your home or office, with each Francois Louis Schmied artwork meticulously restored to its original grandeur.

Our commitment to maintaining the integrity of Francois-Louis Schmied’s legacy is reflected in the quality of our Master Art files, intended solely for personal use and embedded with an invisible watermark for protection. Indulge in the timeless beauty of Francois Louis Schmied’s Art Deco creations; let our prints add a touch of historical elegance to your environment. Come explore our collection and choose a historic gem to embellish your walls, guaranteeing that each look around your room is greeted with the timeless allure of Francois-Louis Schmied’s artistic genius.

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