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We’re more than just a team; we’re a tapestry of diverse histories, a symphony of skills harmonized by a shared love for design and art. Each of us brings our unique perspective to the studio, united by our collective goal to inspire through creativity. From Andreas’ strategic genius and deep appreciation for jazz, to Clarus’ industrial design finesse and admiration for expressionist art, to Amélie’s elegant contributions to fashion and her penchant for classic cinema, and among others who bring their own unique flair and expertise, we are individuals bound together by our passion for making beautiful things. Join us in our creative journey, and let’s make something memorable together.

The products we create are not mere objects; they are the culmination of our artistic journey. From elegant stationery to striking art prints, accessories, and thoughtful gift items, each piece is crafted to not only please the eye but to also resonate with a deeper significance. It is our belief that beauty can be found in both the visual appeal and the meaning behind the work.

We take immense pride in the unique and heartfelt products we bring into the world. Our passion is our driving force, and we are delighted to share the fruits of our creative pursuit with you. Join us as we continue to explore the endless possibilities of imagination and the sincere passion for creativity that defines our company ethos.

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