2024 William Morris wall calendar with intricate floral pattern design in rich hues of red, blue, and gold, titled '365 Days of Giving'

2024 Wall Calendars: William Morris and John James Audubon

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our exclusive 2024 wall calendar collection, showcasing the masterful works of William Morris and John James Audubon. These calendars are not just date-keepers; they are a celebration of enduring artistry that continues to enchant and stir the imagination. Anticipate further announcements as we reveal additional designs in our calendar lineup throughout the summer.

William Morris: A Visionary Craftsman Embark on a year-long journey with the seminal works of William Morris, a pioneer in the Arts and Crafts Movement. Each month, our calendar will reveal a tapestry of richly detailed textile designs and evocative illustrations that capture Morris’s vision. His designs are a tribute to the organic motifs of the natural world, intertwined with his passion for artisanal quality and aesthetic perfection.

John James Audubon: A Legacy of Ornithological Excellence Each page of our calendar turns to unveil the exquisite artistry of John James Audubon, the iconic naturalist and painter. His magnum opus, “The Birds of America,” comes to life, offering a monthly exploration of the intricate beauty and variety of North American birds. Audubon’s legacy is celebrated in this collection, reminding us of the fragile splendor of our ecosystem.

Embrace a year of artful wonder and natural elegance with our 2024 wall calendars, honoring the creative spirits of William Morris and John James Audubon. These calendars are a source of daily inspiration and a homage to the timeless influence of these artists. Place your order today and join us in anticipation for more curated releases. Discover our full range of thoughtfully crafted calendars by visiting our Etsy shop here.

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