Wall Calendar: La Décoration Arabe


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Embark on a timeless journey with our Wall Calendar, titled “La Décoration Arabe,” showcasing the illustrious works of Emile Prisse d’Avennes. Born in 1807 in France, Prisse d’Avennes was not just an artist but a passionate Egyptologist. His profound fascination with Egyptian culture and art led him to spend much of his life in Egypt, capturing its ancient beauty through his exceptional artistic skills. Prisse d’Avennes’ unique approach to his paintings, where he seamlessly blended technical precision with artistic flair, makes his work strikingly modern even today. His meticulous illustrations of Egyptian art and architecture have provided invaluable insights into this ancient civilization. This calendar is not just a chronological tool; it’s a celebration of Prisse d’Avennes’ artistic genius and his contribution to the preservation of Egyptian heritage.

Our calendar is more than a collection of dates; it’s a gallery of history gifts for any history teacher, Egyptian art enthusiast, or lover of original art. Each month reveals a stunning, carefully restored print from Prisse d’Avennes’ collection, offering ample space to note down important dates and birthdays. Beyond its practical use, this calendar invites you to repurpose its pages. At the year’s end, transform these prints into framed masterpieces, continuing the legacy of Prisse d’Avennes’ art in your living or office space. Discover how these timeless pieces can be a part of your everyday life. For inspiration, visit our gallery where we demonstrate how to beautifully integrate these historical treasures into modern settings.

For customers in the United States and Canada, we automatically deliver this Wall Calendar in the inch measurement system. Each week commences with Sunday.

All other customers including the United Kingdom will receive this Wall Calendar in the widely recognized A4 or A3 sizes. Each week commences with Monday.

  • 1 cover page
  • 12 inner pages
  • Paper: 250 gsm / 100 lb semi-glossy silk paper
  • Hanging hook for hanging calendar flexibly
  • Sturdy wire-binding
  • Free Shipping

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Calendar Size

A3 / 11 x 16.5", A4 / 8.5 x 11"

Calendar Year

Calendar 2024, Calendar 2025, Calendar 2026


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