Tiger in the Jungle


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Embrace the timeless allure of Art Nouveau with our “Tiger in the Jungle” vintage wall art, a fascinating illustration from 1893 by the renowned Paul Ranson. This aesthetic poster captures the essence of an era, featuring the majestic figure of a tiger navigating the contours of an abstract jungle landscape. The piece radiates with the distinctive characteristics of the Nabis group, an ensemble of post-impressionist visionaries, and Paul Ranson’s artistry, which played a crucial role in the transition from 19th-century art to the modernist innovations of the 20th century. The vintage art print pulsates with dynamic lines and a mesmerizing interplay of shades, drawing the onlooker into a world where the organic meets the ornamental, an invitation to explore the symbiosis of nature and art.

Presented by SmellyNoises, this exceptional vintage art is a veritable statement piece, now obtainable in an array of sizes perfect for any setting, from an intimate reading nook to an expansive living area. As a centerpiece, it beckons the mind to wander and ignites dialogue, embodying both aesthetic appeal and cultural significance. Whether destined for your abode or as a distinctive gift for an art enthusiast, this tiger print transcends mere decoration. It’s a slice of artistic legacy, a memento of taste, and a testament to a transformative period in art history, enduring through the ages. Secure this iconic remastered treasure and infuse your surroundings with a piece of art history that continues to inspire.

  • premium museum-quality print
  • paper weight: 200 gsm / 80 lb
  • every print ships ready to frame

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Fine Art Print

16×20 inch / 40×50 cm, 8×10 inch / 20x25cm, 12×16 inch / 30×40 cm, 24×32 inch / 60×80 cm


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