The Mystery of the London Stump, Design No. 64


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The narrative of “The London Stump,” also known as Watkins’ Folly, is a captivating chapter in London’s architectural history. Envisioned as Britain’s triumphant counterpart to the Eiffel Tower, this ambitious project was set to redefine the London skyline. The year was 1892, and the city buzzed with excitement at the prospect of hosting a structure that would symbolize the zenith of industrial progress. Unfortunately, the dream was short-lived, as the project stumbled and earned its nickname after failing to advance beyond its stunted base. Today, the London Stump remains a quirky, alluring enigma, its incomplete frame a poignant reminder of ambition and the ephemeral nature of some dreams.

In reverence to this industrial curiosity, we’re thrilled to unveil a limited edition series of posters, among which “The Mystery of the London Stump, Design No. 64” is a highlight. These are not just art pieces; they embody the spirit of a bygone era and the ghost of a London that might have been. Whether it graces the wall of a living room, adds character to an entryway, or inspires in an office, each poster serves as a distinct conversation starter. This series allows enthusiasts to interchange designs, offering a personalized glimpse into a fragment of London’s rich, diverse past. Embrace this opportunity to own a piece of the London Stump’s legacy and let your space tell a story of grandeur and the beauty of unfinished tales.

  • premium museum-quality print
  • paper weight: 200 gsm / 80 lb
  • every print ships ready to frame

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