Sydney’s Tattoo Pioneer – Vintage Photographs


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Revamped for Tattoo Fans: Fred Harris revolutionized the tattoo scene in Sydney when he opened his small shop in Sussex Street in 1916. For the next 28 years, he set the bar for tattoo designs, showcasing the culture of the day through his inks. By 1937, Fred was one of the city’s most renowned tattoo artists, creating around 2000 tattoos annually.

Today, tattoos have become a reflection of personal style, just like vintage photographs. While modern technology has set a standard for clarity and resolution, antique photographs remind us of the beauty in imperfection. SmellyNoises brings this charm to your home with our collection of vintage wall decor, featuring a range of classic photography styles like street and queer photography.

Transform your living space with history-rich wall art that adds character to your decor. Whether you’re looking to create a warm living room, a rustic kitchen, or a cozy bedroom, our collection has something for you. Don’t settle for ordinary wall art, choose something truly special and meaningful as a gift for someone special.


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