Oliver Goldsmith’s Vintage Nature Calendar


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Discover our elegant wall calendar featuring best-selling items and original art inspired by Oliver Goldsmith’s legacy, blending historical charm with functional beauty for home or office.
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Oliver Goldsmith, a distinguished figure of the 18th century, is celebrated for his expansive contributions to literature and the arts. Born in 1730, Goldsmith’s life was a rich tapestry of creativity and scholarly endeavors, leaving a timeless imprint on art and literature. His magnum opus, “A History of the Earth and Animated Nature,” remains a cornerstone in natural history literature, demonstrating his profound understanding and ardor for the natural world while making complex subjects engaging and accessible. His narrative, replete with triumphs and challenges, depicts the life of a committed artist and academic.

We are proud to introduce a curated wall calendar that marries function with elegance, available in various sizes to suit any space. Each month unveils a new page decorated with best-selling items and original art inspired by Oliver Goldsmith’s works. This calendar is an ideal addition to both home and office, providing not just a planning tool but also a spark for conversation with its historical grace. As the months pass, the art on each page has the potential to transform into beautiful framed pieces, extending the value of this calendar far beyond its initial purpose.

> For customers in the United States and Canada, we automatically deliver this Wall Calendar in the inch measurement system. Each week commences with Sunday.

> All other customers including the United Kingdom will receive this Wall Calendar in the widely recognized A4 or A3 sizes. Each week commences with Monday.

  • 1 cover page
  • 12 inner pages
  • Paper: 250 gsm / 100 lb semi-glossy silk paper
  • Hanging hook for hanging calendar flexibly
  • Sturdy wire-binding

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Calendar Size

A3 / 11 x 16.5", A4 / 8.5 x 11"

Calendar Year

Calendar 2024, Calendar 2025, Calendar 2026


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