Ogawa Kazumasa: Japanese Flower


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Ogawa Kazumasa, a pioneering figure in Japan’s Meiji-era photography and printing, significantly impacted visual arts. Born in 1860, Kazumasa witnessed Japan’s metamorphosis under Western influence. His education spanned Japan and the United States, shaping his mastery in photography and photomechanical printing. A leader in collotype printing, Ogawa’s work embraced traditional Japanese architecture, cultural festivities, and nature. His renowned 1896 collection “Some Japanese Flowers,” featuring hand-colored flower collotypes, exemplifies his dedication to detail and nature’s elegance.

We proudly offer museum-grade giclée prints of Ogawa Kazumasa’s exquisite floral artworks, available in four sizes, tailored for modern living rooms and offices. These restored prints bridge Meiji-era Japan’s historical richness with contemporary design. Each piece’s subtle colors and intricate details reflect Ogawa’s artistry, making them ideal for minimalistic yet impactful interior styles. These prints are conversation pieces, encapsulating the essence of early Japanese photography and printing. They offer a slice of history, reimagined for today’s aesthetic appreciation, making them perfect for art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

  • premium museum-quality print
  • paper weight: 200 gsm / 80 lb
  • every print ships ready to frame

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Fine Art Print

16×20 inch / 40×50 cm, 8×10 inch / 20x25cm, 12×16 inch / 30×40 cm, 24×32 inch / 60×80 cm


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