Georg Scholz Desk Calendar – A Year of Intriguing Art and Modernist Vision


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Discover the Georg Scholz Desk Calendar, a spiral-bound journey through early 20th-century Germany, blending historical art with daily inspiration and functionality.

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Georg Scholz, a pioneering artist of the early 20th century, broke through the conventions of his era to establish himself as a significant figure in the world of art and social commentary. As a painter deeply involved in the New Objectivity movement, Scholz captured the social realities and mechanical landscapes of post-World War I Germany with a precision and critical eye that set him apart in a time of artistic evolution. His masterful work, marked by sharp satire and meticulous detail, offers a critical lens on the societal changes and challenges of his time, making him a standout voice in a period marked by tumult and transformation.

Presenting our Georg Scholz Desk Calendar: a homage to a visionary’s pursuit of truth and artistic expression. This calendar is not just a tool for organizing your daily activities but also acts as a beacon of motivation, encouraging you to delve into the complex and thought-provoking world Scholz depicted through his art. Each page of this durable, spiral-bound calendar unveils the stark, yet compelling social landscapes of early 20th-century Germany, marrying functionality with the enduring charm of Scholz’s paintings—a perfect accessory for those who wish to incorporate a dash of historical depth and critical insight into their everyday life.

Please note that this Desk Calendar is designed to automatically deliver in the inch measurement system and in English. The week starts on Sunday for added convenience.

  • 1 cover page
  • 12 inner pages
  • Size: 10″ x 5″ (25cm x 12.5cm)
  • Sturdy spiral-bound

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