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Galerie Richter & Masset in Munich hosted an exceptional exhibition, showcasing the talent of Alekos Fassianos (1935-2022), a celebrated Greek artist. Fassianos expertly merged Greek mythology, folklore, and everyday life, evoking enchantment and nostalgia. His unique style captivated viewers with vivid colors and flowing lines, immersing them in his imaginative world. The exhibition highlighted his unwavering dedication, as each piece evoked profound emotions and inspired contemplation, underscoring his significant impact on the global art scene. Fassianos’ timeless artworks continue to captivate, carrying forward his exceptional legacy and resonating with audiences worldwide. The exhibition remains cherished, epitomizing his enduring influence and affirming his rightful place in art history. The fusion of his artistic vision and the esteemed Galerie Richter & Masset created a powerful synergy, leaving an indelible mark and inspiring creativity for generations to come. It was an unforgettable celebration of Fassianos’ brilliance, cementing his position as an icon of artistic expression.

Exhibition poster reprint: Galerie Richter & Masset, Munich 1987

Museum-quality poster made on thick and long-lasting matte (uncoated) paper

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24×36 inch / 60×90 cm

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