Mother and Daughter | Egon Schiele

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‘Mother and Daughter,’ a piece crafted in 1913 by Egon Schiele, serves as an excellent showcase of his expertise in graphic art. Echoing the intricate line work found in the creations of renowned artists like Rembrandt and Dürer, Schiele’s work stands out. Undeniably, in his vast collection of roughly 3,000 pieces, this mastery is particularly evident.

Drawing attention to a poignant scene, ‘Mother and Daughter’ strikingly captures the balance between spatial tension and harmony in its composition. The girl’s elongated diagonal body forms a stark contrast to her straight hanging ponytail. Correspondingly, this dynamic is mirrored in the positioning of the mother’s forearm and the girl’s right arm. Furthermore, the strategic placements of the mother’s face, the girl’s head, and the contour of her left thigh are all orchestrated to enhance this balance.

Enhancing the piece’s overall appeal, Schiele’s choice of a vibrant color palette brings the scene to life. Specifically, the mother’s scarlet clothing forms a stark contrast against the daughter’s light skin. Moreover, the subtle infusion of red and grey tones add depth to the daughter’s complexion. Uniting the two figures, their shared blonde hair further accentuates the overall unity of the scene. Altogether, this blend of thoughtful composition and the judicious use of color create a compelling depiction of the mother-daughter bond.


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