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Carol M. Highsmith is not just a photographer; she is a storyteller of America’s vast tapestry. Known for her unparalleled skill in visual storytelling, Highsmith’s works shine a light on the intricate beauty and diverse essence of the American spirit. Her masterful command of the camera allows her to capture the soul of her subjects, whether they be intimate portraits, vast landscapes, or pulsating urban scenes. Widely celebrated, her contributions have significantly shaped the world of photography, influencing our understanding and appreciation of American visual culture. Her distinctive style offers viewers a unique perspective on the nation’s essence, turning each shot into a narrative of its own.

Delve into 2024 with our exquisite wall calendar, titled ‘Captivating Seasons’, an homage to Highsmith’s prodigious talent. Each month gifts users with a meticulously chosen Highsmith photograph, not just serving as a visual treat but also as a functional space to mark birthdays, state holidays, and significant events. Printed on premium semi-glossy silk paper, the calendar blends artistic allure and practical use seamlessly. And as the year progresses, each image can be carefully excised and framed, ensuring that the artistry of Highsmith graces your living room or office space far beyond the confines of 2024. This item is a perfect fusion for those seeking beauty intertwined with daily utility, making it an ideal gift for men and all enthusiasts of America’s enchanting narrative.

For customers in the United States and Canada, we automatically deliver this 2024 Wall Calendar in the inch measurement system. Each week commences with Sunday.

All other customers including the United Kingdom will receive this 2024 Wall Calendar in the widely recognized A4 or A3 sizes. Each week commences with Monday.

  • 1 cover page
  • 12 inner pages
  • Paper: 250 gsm / 100 lb semi-glossy silk paper
  • Hanging hook for hanging calendar flexibly
  • Sturdy wire-binding
  • Free Shipping

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Wall Calendar

A3 / 11 x 16.5", A4 / 8.5 x 11"


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